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Catherine J, Highland Park, IL

While I certainly didn't want to be there, I needed to be there - and they were AMAZING! They made me comfortable and made sure I didn't have any pain during the procedure. It is my third time visiting Dr. Braverman and while I hope I don't need an oral surgeon EVER again, if I do I know JUST where I am going! Thank you again for your patience and professionalism!

Alan Pearlman, Highland Park

I would only use Dr. Braverman for any oral surgery/implant procedure. He is truly knowledgeable, kind, considerate, and takes his time to explain every step of the process to me. I have used him for the extraction of a wisdom tooth, as well as for an implant of my front tooth. Each time it was TOTALLY painless and pain-free because he uses the latest and most modern techniques and equipment and is more than caring as to how your feeling during the process. I highly recommend Dr. Braverman's office to anyone even considering doing any of the procedures regarding oral surgery or implants. You will be thankful that you did!

Israel R., Highland Park

Just can't say enough. I had a dental implant with local anesthesia, following two earlier extractions. No pain. Dr. Braverman asked frequently if I was comfortable and kept me informed on progress and next steps throughout. I kept icing for 3-4 hrs after the procedure, no pain or swelling without medications for 3 days so far. Dr. Braverman called that evening to check on me. The clinic is well prepared to accept patients with all necessary COVID related safety precautions , and the staff is very efficient and supportive. Look no further!

Rosalba China Saria, Deerfield

Highly recommend - I had to have an emergency extraction and I had been waiting several weeks because of the pandemic. I was in terrible pain and couldn't wait any longer. Dr. Braverman answered his phone right away, answered all of my questions, reviewed my medical history and I was very impressed from our phone conversation. Normally, doctors don't know about insurance or anything on the administrative side but he knew every aspect of it. I do not tolerate pain medications well and when I told him this, he prescribed something for pain that I tolerated well. I am very fearful of having dental work so I asked to be put under, I have asthma and he explained everything to me and the anesthesiologist was also extremely knowledgeable and kind. Dr. Braverman saw me during the pandemic and everything was extremely well planned. Everything went well, I could not ask for a better oral surgeon and anesthesiologist.

Dave S, Highwood

I needed a wisdom tooth pulled in an emergency. I tried waiting because of the pandemic but the pain was getting just too much for me to take and had to make a move. I remembered my son having a great experience with Dr. Braverman so I made the call and it could not have went any better. I wasn't worried about money or insurance or anything except getting this taken care of and the refreshing this is that he wasn't worried about anything but helping me out. He and his staff made me feel 100% comfortable, the procedure went great and he called me that same evening to make sure I was okay. Top notch and I highly recommend!

Heidi, Lake Villa

The doctor and his staff made my wisdom tooth extraction as comfortable as possible. I was impressed that he called me the next day to check on how I was feeling. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends. I'm very satisfied with the care I received.

Carol Z., Lincolnshire

Dr Braverman--Is very willing to spend the time to discuss and to explain what he is going to do and very concerned as to whether you are comfortable or, if you have any pain, during a difficult procedure. Called the same night to see how I was doing. His assistant was excellent as well.

Lisa N-A, Highland Park

My son had his wisdom teeth pulled by Dr. Braverman. We went in for a consultation the week before his appt and Dr. Braverman and his staff did a great job of explaining every step that would happen at his extraction appt. I almost felt guilty they took so much time with us. They also gave us an estimate ahead of time of what our insurance would pay and how much we would be responsible for. The most important thing was that when he took the wisdom teeth out he made it as pain free for my son as possible. My son was able to go back to school and work 2 days later with minimal swelling. When a few days later my son was feeling some pain, Dr. Braverman put a little patch (I forgot what he called it) over the area with some medication. When he removed the patch a few days later my son had no pain and hasn't had any since. Dr. Braverman seemed to really care about my son's well-being. We are both very appreciative of Dr. Braverman's abilities and kind nature.

Michael H Chase, Wilmette

I needed a tooth pulled in an emergency and Dr Braverman took care of it. I never felt any pain and my recovery went very well. Plus, he put in the post so I could get an implant. He did great work and I am so happy with my replacement tooth.


My dentist referred me to Dr. Braverman to extract a cracked tooth and I am very satisfied. He is very thorough, explains everything clearly, and followed-up after the procedure to see how I was doing. His surgical assistant was also excellent. Highly recommended.

Larry h, Highland Park

This was my follow up appt from a tooth extraction to do the bone graph. He answered all my questions and then some. Procedure went very well. He called that night to check in with me. I highly recommend This practice!!

Larry Hagerty, Highland Park

I came to this practice by way of my regular dentist as I had a cracked molar root resulting from a root canal that was done many years ago. Diagnosis was on a Friday morning with regular dentist and Dr Bravermen took me in that afternoon. Result was tooth had to be removed and will be going forward with an implant. Dr. Braverman was very informative, took as much time as needed to answer all questions, and even confirmed insurance would cover this procedure and how much deductible would be. Procedure was fast and result was great. He called me Friday night to follow up and I have a follow up appt in 10 day. Would not hesitate to recommend this practice!

Alan B., Deerfield

Dr. Braverman is the nicest, most accommodating, and reasonable oral surgeon I have ever encountered. I also think he is incredibly talented. He has done two extractions for me. My dentist had warned me that each of those extractions (one of which was below the gum line) would be extremely difficult. Dr. Braverman took literally one minute or less to accomplish each with no problems whatsoever. My dentist was astonished. I cannot recommend Dr. Braverman more highly!

Leon H, Highland Park

Easy, fast and pain free! I highly recommend Dr. Braverman!

Nupagorn Nuengchana , Antioch

Thank you Dr.Braverman for everything since to get early appointment for me even Doctor had a busy schedule but because he really care and want to help his patients. During surgery he explained very clear and told you even he changed his side for the next step of procedures. For me I felt so lucky to meet one of the best surgery dentist, excellent professional and very nice like him. Not only the best from Dr.Braverman but also his assistant and his reception team too. Thank you very much Dr.Braverman

Michael C, Lake Forest

Dr. Braverman is the best. Saw me the next day for my cracked tooth that was beyond repair. The extraction was quick and painless. The whole procedure was done in a professional and expedient manner. The followup instructions were concise and extremely helpful.

Douglas Mandel, Glencoe

What a journey. Every step of the way Dr. Braverman has shown his expertise in his field, his compassion for his patients and his ability to change lives with a smile. A truly great caregiver who actuality cares about the patients he treats. Outstanding!

Dennis C, Deerfield, illnois

My dentist was out of town, and Dr. Braverman took care of me in a very professional and courteous manner. I was a new patient and the great service far exceeded my initial concerns and worries. I am so glad to have found Dr. Braverman in the North Suburbs. The office staff and assistants also complemented the quality given by Dr. Braverman.

Peg S, Highland Park

I really felt you cared about my anxiety issue and thought your assistant was also very caring. Thank you for your patience with me and certainly would recommend your office to my friends. Thanks again for your caring ways????

Arlene D., Highland Park, IL

I saw Dr. Braverman for the extraction of a molar. I was a little anxious; however, he and his staff put me at ease. Dr. Braverman explained every step of the procedure as it was happening, and several times he asked how I was doing, to be sure I was OK. Having a tooth extracted is never a fun experience; but he made it as easy and comfortable as possible. I hope to never need another extraction, but if I do, I will definitely see Dr. Braverman.

Amy, Northbrook

Great experience for both my son & daughter getting their wisdom teeth out by Dr. Braverman! He was very thorough, knowledgeable & helpful. Very friendly and helpful staff! Highly recommend him!

Amy, Highland Park

Dr. Braverman is an excellent doctor. This was my first of 2 implants after having one 13 years ago where it was so bad and painful i never went back. So, i walked in nervous after a that bad experience. He put me right at ease and so kind and really listens so that you are in no pain! Dr. Braverman 's expertise, kindness and doing the operation made a uncomfortable surgery very tolerable. He really knows what he is doing and very kind and respectful to me, the patient. I have had many health problems and worked at Northwestern Hospital for many years so I am familiar with Dr. care. I am ecstatic over the work he did and his assistant and office were fantastic and very knowledgeable to. I HIGHLY recommend him! Amy Silver

Giovanni Verdin, North Chicago

Very knowledgeable. Explained exactly what was going to happen and why. Realistic as to what to expect. He was definetley cool, calm, and confident when doing my extraction. Definetly would recommend.



Karissa M, Des Plaines

My teenage daughter saw Dr. Braverman for her wisdom teeth removal last week. From the front desk, to the assistant, to the doctor, our experience was wonderful. The receptionist was very kind and accommodating when scheduling our appointments. The assistant made sure my daughter was relaxed and comfortable while waiting for the procedure. Dr. Braverman spent a lot of time with myself and my daughter explaining the procedure pre and post op and what to expect during recovery. I was very pleased we chose Dr. Braverman for my daughters care. I would highly recommend this office!!

Jennifer W., Waukegan

Everyone in the office was friendly and knowledgeable! I was able to get an appt right away. The doc and assistant made sure I was comfortable and informed as we went through the procedure! Highly recommended!!

Merikay K, Evanston

Dr. Braverman, his assistant and office staff greeted this "nervous Nellie" with compassionate professionalism! I hadn't had a tooth pulled since my wisdom teeth left my mouth decades ago, so the effort they made to patiently walk me through the procedure, make sure I was comfortable and then carefully remove the troublesome tooth, was so appreciated! I also say thanks for his follow-up, checking in with me several times following the extraction to see how I was doing. High marks for Dr. Braverman and his team!

James L, Highland Park

I went in to see Dr. Braverman for the fist time today.I had a tooth that needed to be extracted and also needed to have Bone Mass added...I was totally impressed with his staff and with Dr.Braverman. They made me feel at ease and walked me thru everything they were doing and asked if I was o.k thru the entire procedure.I felt no pain during or after the procedure.I would highly recommend DR.Braverman to anyone looking for a great Oral Surgeon.

Fred M, Wheeling

I have had many procedures with Dr. Braverman and always with good results. He is very professional and kind, making sure he explains each thing as he does it. I will definitely keep using him and refer him to others.

Laura P., Deerfield

Incredible. Great staff. I had a wisom tooth removed and was very nervous. Dr. Braverman and his assistant were so compassionate and played a major role in calming me down. I, without hesitation, would recommend Dr. Braverman to everyone.

Lisa N., Niles

held off on removing my wisdom teeth for 10+ yrs. My husband got it done 4 yrs ago, so went with Dr. Braverman when I finally decided to get them removed. Scheduling was easy and procedure was fast. Office staff and assistant is so accommodating. I did everything I could to prevent dry socket, but alas, sometimes it just happens. Dr. Braverman accomodated to my very difficult schedule, espcially since I work downtown, it was hard to work with...but he did! He even came in one of the first NICE Sunday's of the year when I was in pain to change my dressings for my dry socket! Does not down play your pain and completely understands. Great customer service!

Lupe , Chicago

I came to see Dr. Braverman as an emergency when my tooth wasn't able to be saved with a root canal. I was really nervous, overall the experience turned out to be great. The extraction was really quick. Instructions were given after the procedure by the assistant and my recovery was fast. Everyone in the office were really nice. Hopefully I wont need any more teeth pulled, but if I do I will definitely be coming back here!

Leona Z, Highland Park

My second experience with Dr. Braverman was as good as the first time. The staff, Liviu, is kind, gentle, compassionate at a difficult time for the patient. He carefully explains everything that is happening and is going to happen. Agnes takes good care of the business side of the procedure. Dr. Braverman, being an excellent professional had the good sense to hire such outstanding people. Thanks for the good care.

Dr. Jerome M, Arlington Heights

In November of last year I was diagnosed as having a fractured 2nd molar, that was previously treated with a root canal decades prior, but postponed having the relatively asymptomatic tooth extracted. Recently however, I developed a draining fistula in the gum and was advised to have the molar pulled to properly control the underlying bone infection that developed as a result of the necrotic tooth. Feeling a sudden sense of urgency, I searched the internet and was impressed with both the credentials of the doctor and positive online comments. The dental assistant's knowledge precedes him and the preparation for the procedure exemplifies his training. When I met Dr. Braverman everything I read about this beautiful person was so readily evident. Nathan took the extra care to minimize any discomfort. His detailed explanations were comforting, as well as his concern that the proper medications were prescribed. Based on my experience I made the correct decision to be treated by Dr. B.

Molly P, Lake Bluff

I had a super horrific experience with a tooth extraction years ago. Needed to have another within this last week. Had a consult first with Dr.Braverman who accommodated me his in schedule for an earlier time in the day because he knew I was anxious. Explained in depth what would happen the day of the extraction and all the ways he could relieve my anxiety. He had prescribed me an anti-anxiety med prior to the procedure which was extremely helpful. He talked me through the entire procedure, made it as quick and painless as he could. The entire experience was amazing. I would highly recommend him to anyone and hopefully I will never need another tooth extraction but if I do, I will see him again.

Marsha Price, Northbrook, Il

The anxiety level for patients dealing with dental issues is a "five". I was referred by my dentist as a result of a cracked tooth. Dr. Braverman has a great bedside manner and sensed my tension. He continuously walked me through the extraction from start to finish. I told him I didn't want to feel a thing and he administered additional medication. His assistant as well was very sympathetic to my questions. We went over pain medication and Dr. Braverman reviewed many options so we didn't conflict with meds I am taking. Early that evening the dr. called to see how I was doing. I had a question due to some post op problems; he was quick to get on the phone and had me come in the next day. He encouraged me to call with any concerns. I am so impressed with the treatment and care I received that I would highly recommend Dr. Braverman to all.

Anna and Joe O., Highland Park, IL

I would highly recommend Dr. Braverman and his staff. He explains everything he is going to do and answers any questions you may have. They make sure you are comfortable and are very caring to your needs. My husband and I had implants and several teeth extracted and everything went very well. Dr. Braverman personally calls to check up on you and make sure everything is going well. Dr. Braverman and his staff are the GREATEST!! Many thanks!

Debby W., Northbrook, Il.

Dr. Braverman was a very personable oral surgeon and my experience with one molar extraction was as good as I could possibly imagine! He showed concern as well as skill while performing the procedure and asked me if I was feeling any pain throughout it's entirety. The post-op instructions were very thorough and he phoned me the same night to check on my welfare, which I found to be a much appreciated gesture. His staff was very helpful and welcoming and my post-op visit was short but also very positive. Dr. Braverman told me to contact him if any problems occurred and I would definitely choose this Dr. in the future if necessary.

Alan P., Highland Park

Dr. Braverman was the best of the best. I was nervous and he put me totally at ease. He is kind and caring and is exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable in his field of practice. I would not hesitate in an instant to recommend Dr. Braverman to anyone. He truly a highly skilled professional who will make you feel so much better in no time!

Doug Gisby, Highland Park

Dr Braverman has been excellent he is very detailed oriented willing to answer any question and provide the best and most honest advice and recommendations

Alisha S., Gurnee

After calling several dentist offices in pain and not getting a next day appointment I didn't know what I was going to do. Then I call Dr.Nathan Braverman office and told the receptionist it was a emergency and she got me in the next day. The receptionist was nice and the office was clean. First I met the dentist assistant and he was so kind and he made me feel very comfortable. Then the dentist came introduced his self and explained everything. Throughout the process dr. Nathan Braverman made sure I was at ease with the process and not in any pain. I was very grateful!

Michael Chase, Wilmette

Dr. Braverman and his staff are wonderful. The extraction was painless and my recovery was faster than I expected. I'm grateful to have access to such a skilled and compassionate dentist.

Fred P., Wheeling

Dr. Braverman extracted 2 molars without a ounce of pain. Office was clean and staff was friendly and efficient. I would go back without hesitation and highly recommend to others.

Karin Lennon, Park Ridge

Dr. Braverman and his staff were very professional and provided exceptional service when needed most. Called and spoke with Dr. Braverman over the phone on the weekend for my college kid with a wisdom tooth infection. Got him started on treatment over the weekend, got him home from college and had all 4 wisdom teeth out first thing Monday morning and had him back at school that night. Highly recommend Dr. Braverman and his staff!

Kathy S, Northbrook

Got me in the next day for wisdom tooth extraction! (another oral surgeon-Dr Scott Frank- was having me wait for 2 weeks just for a consultation) Worked with my dentist regarding xrays- no push to get them done in their office. Quick and excellent removal of tooth. I never had a doctor apologize for hurting me. With every shot of novocaine given, Dr Braverman said "Im sorry". How compassionate!

Betsy W., Winnetka

Dr Braverman is the best!!! I was referred to him by my dentist and he was wonderful. Everyone in his office is professional and courteous. I found all my questions to be answered and the care I received was outstanding. I highly recommend this practice.

Candice , Highland Park

Its been a little over a week since I got my wisdom teeth pulled and I am very happy with the whole experience!

Tess, Palatine

I had a pretty pleasant experience. Dr. Braverman was super nice and really easy to deal with. I was really nervous going in, but everyone was so nice it made the experience painless. Well you know what I mean :) I would recommend them to anyone!

Vicki, Lake Bluff

Dr. Braverman couldn't have served me any better. He was caring, smart, professional and made a very difficult process doable. His assistant was great and really calmed me down. I highly recommend Dr. Braverman and his team!!

Remi, Antioch

Love it ?????? Fast,clean no pain always recommend ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Laura , Riverwoods

After learning from my dentist, I need a molar extracted. I found Dr. Braverman through my insurance and I am glad I did. Doctor and his staff are very nice and professional!