Dental Implants

Dr. Braverman is proud to offer state-of-the-art techniques for dental implant placement.  This starts with his investment in the necessary instruments to place several different kinds of implants.  One implant system may better suit a particular patient than another.  The patient's dentist may have an affinity for a particular implant system.  With so many systems available, Dr. Braverman can accomodate both the patient and the dentist.  Dr. Braverman has pre-surgical implant imaging available in his office.  With our Kodak 9000 Cone beam CT scanner, we can obtain cross sectional and 3-D imaging with minimal radiation exposure on site and within minutes measure and treatment plan any particular area of the jaw for dental implants.  Our dedicated implant drill gives us the proper settings and torque values needed to accurately, predictably, and atraumatically place dental implants in as little as 30 minutes.  Our digital intra-oral x-ray sensors allow us to instantly take x-rays of the implants once they are placed so Dr. Braverman can immediately evaluate them for proper position.  In many instances, Dr. Braverman can extract a tooth and immediately place an implant in it's place.  In some instances, in collaboration with your dentist, a temporary tooth can be placed on the immediate implant on the same day it is placed.  As with any procedure in Dr. Braverman's office, sedation options are available for the anxoius patient.   Although many consider implant placement to be a painful process, by in large it is not and in most instances administration of local anesthetic is all that is needed.

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